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Monday, May 12, 2014

Series: Our journey to "organic" living

About a year or two ago, I talked with an old college friend about wanting to switch our house, food, lives... everything, to "organic". We talked about a few ways we could make the switch, a couple different products to use, but also about the fact that this would be at least a year long process. For economic reasons (and our sanity) we couldn't quickly make the switch to organic everything for our entire family. Several of the things I wanted to accomplish in our big switch/transition was:
  • to buy local/organic meat, produce and dairy, 
  • get rid of processed foods, chemical colorings & flavorings and give our family REAL food that increases our health instead of causing sickness
  • Get rid of the chemical and toxin laden bath & body products and use natural soaps, lotions, detergents & toiletries.
  • Use natural cleaning solutions, instead of harsh chemicals with toxic fumes.
  • Find natural alternatives to our medicine cabinet
  • Give our kids a better and healthier start in life with the products they are exposed to and the foods they consume daily.
Making this switch all at once would be costly and overwhelming, so I took one step at a time. I'm happy to share that we have had great success in our big switch! While we haven't switched every single aspect of our lives to "organic", our family is healthier and happier with our new "organic" lifestyle!!

Several friends and acquaintances periodically message me for ideas and resources about making this switch. This blog series will take you on our journey to "organic" living and give you several helps and resources that we have found along the way.  If you're interested in getting rid of some of the toxins in your life and switching to a more organic lifestyle, I hope this blog helps! I would also love to hear feedback, tips, and resources from you!!

Stay tuned for blog posts on our transition to "organic" living in several areas: the kitchen, the bathroom, the medicine cabinet, cleaning supplies and much more!

*Disclaimer: I will link many products in this blog series. I am not receiving compensation for these posts.

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