Adoption journey

Over the past year, the Lord has been growing, teaching, and challenging our family in so many ways! We are responding to the Lord's leading and are expanding our family through the adoption of a precious baby!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to Make Sprays!

Essential Oil Sprays are some of the easiest and most versatile products to make in your home. There are so many simple recipes with a huge variety of uses. Here are several of the sprays we make in my Essential Oils Classes.

You will need dark glass 2 or 4oz spray bottles, a small funnel, distilled water, witchhazel, sea salt and Young Living Essential Oils. I first add the witchhazel or sea salt and essential oils, blend, then add the distilled water to the top.

Linen Spray
10 drops of Lavender
1 tsp Witchhazel
Fill rest of the way with distilled water (4oz bottle)

Bedtime Linen Spray
7 drops each of Lavender and Peace & Calming (or Stress Away)
1 tsp Witchhazel
Fill rest of the way with distilled water  (4oz bottle)

Homemade "Febreeze" Spray (great for rugs, couches, smelly shoes):
10 drops of Purification
1 tsp Witchhazel
Fill rest of the way with distilled water  (4oz bottle)

Air Freshener
7 drops each of Citrus Fresh, Purification and Lavender essential oils
1 tsp Witchhazel
Fill rest of the way with distilled water  (4oz bottle)

Hand or throat spray (building immune system)
8-10 drops Thieves essential oil
1/16 tsp sea salt
Fill rest of the way with distilled water  (2oz bottle)

Outdoor Annoyance Free Spray
5 drops each of Peppermint, Purification, Thieves essential oils
1 tsp Witchhazel
Fill rest of the way with distilled water  (4oz bottle)

Skin Spray
10 drops each of Lavender, Frankincense and Tea Tree essential oil
1 tsp witchhazel
Fill rest of the way with distilled water  (2oz bottle)

After Sun Spray
2 TBSP Aloe vera gel
10 drops Lavender essential oil
7 drops Frankincense
Fill rest of the way with distilled water  (4oz bottle)

Aftershave spray 
6 drops Cedarwood 
4 drops Lavender 
2 drops Lime
1 tsp Witchhazel
Fill rest of the way with distilled water  (4oz bottle)

Abundant Health is the on-line store where I get my glass bottles. 
Amazon has several varieties also. 

Ready to get started using Young Living Essential Oils? 

Disclaimer: This blog and information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injury. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A day in the life of an "Oily Family"!

Several people have shown interest in how often we use oils in our family. Here is a look at a typical day in the life of our "Oily Family".

My first drink of the day is a quart of water with Apple Cider Vinegar and citrus oils. There are a couple variations, check out the recipes here. My boys and I drink 1oz of Ningxia Red, an awesome antioxidant drink.

Every morning, I apply Progessence Plus to forearms and neck. I apply my face cream (organic unrefined coconut oil, Lavender & Frankincense oil), and my body butter with Lemongrass oil. I also apply Melaleuca (tea tree oil) to problem skin spots and I brush my teeth with Thieves toothpaste.

My hubby starts the day with a capsule of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Copaiba, also known as the "Seasonal Discomfort" blend. I pre-make these capsules for the week and store in a glass jar in the freezer.

Once downstairs, I start diffusing for our family. Depending on the day, I may diffuse Purification (on cleaning day... or when it needs to be cleaning day;), Thieves (during cold season), or Valor and Frankincense as we prepare for home school studies.

We apply Brain Power to my oldest son's crown and neck. Vetiver on big toe or under nose helps our 7 year old focus on school. My third son has tummy issues and gets to apply DiGize to his tummy three times daily. He also takes MightyZyme chewables occasionally with meals.

If we are going out to run errands, I apply Thieves oil on everyone's feet or spine. I also take along my Thieves spray for hand sanitizing.

Back home, when playtime gets a little unruly, I diffuse Stress Away, and everyone seems to play nicer! :) No matter how nice they play, someone always ends up hurt! Almost daily, someone needs Lavender for their boo boo or Purification for a bug bite. My "Big Boo Boo" blend of Helichrysum & Frankincense gets used pretty often too in our houseful of boys!

PanAway & Stress Away were the two most used oils on this day!

One of our favorite meals is spaghetti! I love to put a drop of Oregano or Taste of Italy oil in my spaghetti sauce right before serving. My husband complimented this sauce as the best sauce I had ever made!

After dinner, our bath and bedtime routine for our four boys can get crazy! Adding bath salts with Lavender to their tub is a great way to wind down. The boys like to apply body butter or my Lavender & Frankincense face cream as lotion. We use Young Living toothpaste and bath and body products. My older boys apply Peace & Calming nightly to their feet... they ask for it if I forget! We apply Tranquil to my third son's feet and spine.

 Diffusers typically run in a few rooms nightly. The baby's favorite blend is RC with lemon... he sleeps 12 hours straight! Our big boys room has Peace & Calming with Frankincense diffusing nightly. Our third son's room has either Stress Away or Helichrysum & Frankincense diffusing. During cold season, everyone's room has RC and lemon!

My nighttime routine consists of taking vitamins, probiotics (Life5 is a great option) and ComforTone capsules. I end my day with a calming face cream of Lavender and Frankincense and apply Peace and calming on my feet, wrists and neck. I've never slept so well in my life!

Ready to get started using Essential Oils in your day?
Disclaimer: This blog and information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injury. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why we said NO to drugs

Many of you have seen me post about my crunchy/natural remedies, but you may not know why we have clearly turned our path away from using OTC and pharmaceutical/petrochemical drugs and toward natural health. Let me give you a little history about why our family made the decision to say "NO" to drugs...

Approximately 100,000 people die each year from adverse reactions to their prescription medications! That's only considering the people who die, not the others who have to live with long term effects from reactions to prescribed medications. This isn't talking about illegal drug use, or drug abuse, it's from "properly" prescribed medication. Drug commercials on television list the ridiculous side effects for the drugs they're advertising... many of those list death!

My family has seen too many of those adverse reactions, and are still living with many of the "adverse effects". Some of those adverse effects my family has experienced include:

  • Medicinal stomach ulcer - from medicines after wisdom teeth surgery
  • Acid Reflux - from Over the Counter medicines, NSAIDs (IbuProfen and Aleve)
  • Anxiety and panic attacks in children - from reflux medicine that was actually a neuro-inhibitor
  • Gut damage and bacterial imbalance from overuse of antibiotics, resulting in food intolerances and eczema
  • Osteoporosis - from hormone suppressing drugs
  • Yeast and fungal infections - from oral steroids and asthma medication
  • Hallucinations - from OTC antihistamines
  • Hyperactivity and sleeplessness - from steroids
  • Full body rash - allergic reaction to Penicillin
  • Ruptured blood vessels - reaction

Not only has my family seen horrible side effects and reactions to OTC and prescription drugs, but those medicines dodn't always work to bring healing. As a youth, I remember going through 3 rounds of antibiotics to clear up bronchitis! The steroid shot from my podiatrist would only result in 3-4 weeks of relief from my chronic foot pain. My dermatologist never knew why I had dermatitis on my face, but prescribed a dangerous steroid cream that worked only when constantly used (he even prescribed this while I was pregnant, even though it was a class C drug). Our oldest son had tubes in his ears as a toddler and many rounds of antibiotics, but continued to get ear infections after the tubes fell out.  I was tired of treating our health symptomatically, and wanted to get to the root of our our health issues for true healing.

Our family cut sugar and processed foods; we now eat food and drinks to build up our bodies instead of tear them down. Since cutting dairy and sugar, I no longer have asthma! We focus on eating whole natural foods to helps maintain and build our health so our bodies are not as prone to sickness. We use YL Essential Oils and several other natural remedies for our health needs! Essential oils have no negative side effects and you can physically not be allergic to them, since they don't contain a protein or amino acid (which is what our histamines react to). I'm thankful that God has given us all we need for life and health in His creation! God has literally given us a plant oil for every ailment on the planet! We have used oils for cuts, scrapes, burns, boo boos, colds, sniffles, coughs, seasonal discomforts, tummy aches, and nasty bugs. We also use oils for uplifting spirits/moods, focusing on school and sleep! I teach classes on how to use Essential Oils for health, wellness and replacing toxins in your home. Message me for more info or join us for a class to learn more!

Ready to order your Young Living Premium Starter Kit? Follow this link!

Disclaimer: This blog and information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injury. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Recipes for getting rid of TOXINS!

Shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, lotion, household cleaners...What do these all have in common?? TOXINS!!!!

I just taught a very eye opening class on TOXINS--how to recognize toxins in body products and cleansers, household cleaners, food, and more. We discussed how to get rid of toxins and how to replace common body products and household cleaners with non-toxic safe homemade replacements. Why get rid of toxins??? They reek havoc on our body and cause many of the problems with our health. Feel free to message me for more information on specific toxins. 
Our family has seen too many of these ill effects from toxins and have decided to Spring Clean the toxins out of our life by cutting sugar, eating only whole foods, using natural body products and health remedies,  cleaning with only natural cleaners, as well as detoxing our bodies. 

Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

Body Care and natural remedies:

 Wellness Mama has a few good homemade deodorant recipes 
(the first one is my favorite). 
My boys love this toothpaste!

Household cleaners: Instead of using toxic and poisonous chemicals to clean my home, I use safe natural essential oils that work even better than the toxic chemicals!

Detox: There are several great methods to use when ridding our body of toxins. Adding Citrus oils to drinking water helps clean the junk in our water and helps flush out our bodies. Here are a few great recipes for drinking oils! Applying Purification oil or Juva Cleanse over Liver or on feet is another great method. One of our favorites is an epsom salt bath. Add essential oils to epsom salts (not directly to water) and pour salts into bath. Make sure to get out of tub when the water cools, not staying in and adding more hot water (this will cause your body to reabsorb the junk it just released). Lavender, Lemon and Stress Away are a few of my favorite oils in baths!

The Chemical Free Home book, and The Chemical Free Home, vol 2 have tons of great recipes!! I have extra copies of these if anyone wants one!

 If you're interested in learning more about oils, you can check out these EO blogs, message me or follow this link.

Disclaimer: This blog and information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injury. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My favorite "Crunchy" Drinks!

While we drink a lot of water in our home, we also drink 
a few other yummy drinks that have great health benefits! 

GGMS, also called by Trim Healthy Mamas, "Good Girl Moonshine" is consumed daily in our home and served at all of my essential oils classes. My boys affectionately call it "Mommy's Special Lemonade". This drink of water, apple cider vinegar, citrus oils and stevia, is a great cleansing, detoxifying, refreshing and energizing drink! The Citrus Oils can help flush out toxins from our bodies and get rid of bloating and excess fluid. The only brand of oils I would recommend ingesting is Young Living, because YL oils are steam distilled and 100% pure, unlike many brands you buy at the store, which are distilled with solvents that are terrible for your body. Raw Apple Cider vinegar has numerous health benefits and is great for building immunity and balancing your digestive system. Stevia is an alkaline natural sweetener. I always use glass or stainless steel containers when using essential oils, not plastic.

GGMS Recipe:
1 Quart purified water (in glass)
1-2 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar
1-3 drops of Young Living Essential Oil
(Lemon, Citrus Fresh, Grapefruit, Lime are a few favorites)
Stevia to taste (I use about 1/32 tsp)

Our Strawberry Slush is very similar to the GGMS, but made in my VitaMix blender. I add all the GGMS ingredients, plus frozen strawberries and ice. It is an amazing summer treat that tastes like a strawberry limeade!

Thieves tea has been a soothing helpful drink for me many times!
Another variety of Thieves Tea!

For a simple healthy detox drink, you can simply add essential oils to your water! Adding orange oil to a glass of Iced Tea is a yummy treat too!

Fruit Smoothies (called "Shakes" in our home) have been a family favorite since our boys were little! I blend all the ingredients in my VitaMix, adding Coconut or Almond milk as I blend to get smoothie consistency.
Smoothie Recipe:
1 banana, 1 cup of frozen blueberries, 
1-2 cups frozen strawberries, handful of spinach, 
1 scoop of Pea Protein powder
a cube of pureed butternut squash (optional), 
2-3 cups unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk, 
stevia or honey to taste, and ice

Peppermint Chocolate shake:
2 Cups Unsweetened Almond or Coconut Milk
1 scoop of Pea Protein Powder
1 heaping TBSP cocoa powder
1 drop Young Living Peppermint Oil
Stevia to taste and Ice

One of my favorite drinks is probiotic rich kombucha. I make my second ferment with elderberry juice from Azure Standard. I make mine at home very easily with Oolong tea; here is a recipe. This has helped with everyday wellness and immunity; it is great for an upset tummy!

Several of these recipes contain Young Living Essential Oils. If you're interested in learning more about oils, you can check out these EO blogs, message me or follow this link.
How to order Young Living Essential Oils

Disclaimer: This blog and information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injury. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Good reads

Many of you know that I am very intentional about what we put IN our bodies (organic/real food) and ON our bodies (essential oils, natural products), but I also realize there is much more to us than what we consume and touch. My boys are growing up quickly; my oldest devours a novel a day and wants to read anything he can gets in his hands! I want to be careful and intentional about the things we are putting in their hands and minds. We want the things they read, listen to, and watch to produce spiritual fruit, grow their minds and imaginations, and encourage them to follow Christ. Over the past few years, I have asked older and wiser parents for suggestions and help. Here are a few of our favorites...

Missionary biographies
The boys and I just finished Nate Saint's biography and all I can say is WOW! I've read several books on Jim Elliot and other missionaries, but to walk through that story with my boys was incredible! I loved seeing them on the edge of their seat wanting one more chapter, hearing their excitement as they built paper model airplanes, and seeing them process the missionaries' sacrifice of their lives. I pray the Lord will give my boys a heart for the nations to know Him, as we read these biographies!

Some may think it's too violent or sad for their kids to read stories of missionaries or martyrs. However, this generation seems to be old enough to process the battles in Star Wars and video games; let's give them examples of a real and worthy spiritual battle on the mission field. 

Hero Tales  and Missionary Stories with the Millers are great compilations of short missionary stories with great lessons!  Window on the World is a great book that discusses people groups and how to pray for each of them. We also like the Trailblazer books, by Dave and Neta Jackson. My boys are already excited to start reading about George Mueller next week! 

We want our kids' favorite story, to be the story of God's love and redemption in Christ! We desire them to know God, love and follow Him, So, we desperately need God's Word! Here are a few of our favorite Bibles, from infant to older boy.

Toddler The Gospel Project Big Picture Interactive Bible for Toddlers, consists of two board book Bibles, an Old Testament and New Testament. My husband reads this Bible to our 1 and 3 years old boys each night. 

Preschool to Young ElementaryThe Gospel Project The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook. My 7 year old loves keeping up with what he's learning in Sunday morning small group with this Bible! The Jesus Storybook Bible is a great Bible for a wide range of ages! We've read through The Jesus Storybook Bible several times and love it!

School age readersNIV Adventure Bible My 8 year old loves reading this Bible on his own!

Books and CDs
My older boys have enjoyed Adventures In Odyssey audio stories for years. We love the Bible Eyewitness set that takes listeners back in time to experience each Bible story.

Jonathan Park is another great audio series for kids!

My oldest discovered the Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station novel series last year and can't get enough! We love the books because they take him on a reading adventure back in time to different significant historical events. He's learning history while enjoying a great adventurous book! 

A few other favorite books are Little Pilgrim's Progress, Kingdom TalesChronicles of Narnia Series, and The Boxcar Children, Magic Treehouse. Other fun books our sons have really enjoyed are: Origami Yoda series (Inspired by this series, my boys have made over 100 origami Star Wars characters!), Frog and Toad Series (lots of funny voices and laughs), I Love You, GoodnightA to Z Mystery Series, God Found Us You, and Geronimo Stilton books and videos. We gave our oldest son The Dangerous Book for Boys for Christmas this year. 

I would love to hear about great books and resources 
you are using with your families!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Our Crazy Crunchy New Year!

As the New Year approaches, I'm reflecting on this past year and all of the changes our family has made this year. This bread making, Creole cooking, food loving city girl went crazy crunchy!!

Over the past couple years, our family has gotten rid of processed food, tried to buy organic, made most things from scratch, and tried to find natural remedies for injuries and illnesses. For a variety of reasons, food intolerances, allergies, and wanting to rid toxins from our home, our family made some big changes and started eating and doing new things that I never would have imagined five years ago! Buying raw milk (especially goat milk) and pastured eggs from a local farm, replacing our medicine cabinet with essential oils and natural remedies, making homemade baby formula daily, and losing over 40 pounds were not on my radar, but have all been part of Our Crazy Crunchy New Year!!
Upon learning of several food intolerances within our family, we've made radical changes to our lifestyle, changing what we eat and where we get our food. Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post on where we get our food. It discusses local food sources, milk from a farm, organic food co-ops, farmer's markets, gardening, and even what we buy at Sam's Club.

After seeing major side effects and injuries from several OTC and prescription medications, we began searching for more natural remedies. I wrote a previous blog post on our big organic switch in our medicine cabinet. We are thankful to find, learn and benefit from Young Living Essential Oils! My family has loved using remedies that the Lord intended for our bodies, and don't have any of the nasty side effects! Young Living Essential oils help with fighting off nasty germs & bugs, bring relief to all of our cuts/scrapes/burns/bruises, and help with everyday owies! We also found an incredible naturopathic physician, who has helped us learn how to eat for our health, while teaching us what to do to bring healing to our damaged guts and body. Many of these remedies my physician recommended can actually be purchased from Young Living! Here are a couple of my physician's recommendations for my family, probiotics, food enzymes, and a natural cleanse (to fight a nasty bacteria found in intestines).

While I began cutting dairy and grains for our family's health, I began making other changes for my own health and diet too. I was not pleased with the number on the scale last January, or the way I was feeling, lacking energy and full of aches and pains. A couple friends told me about their positive experience with Trim Healthy Mama, a healthy eating lifestyle, with no supplements or extra costs (other than the awesome and helpful book). 45pounds and 4-5 sizes later, my blood sugar is balanced (no more crazy highs and lows), I have so much energy and am so thankful for Trim Healthy Mama!! Here's a great explanation video from the authors of Trim Healthy Mama. Here'a link to a quick start guide too! Here are a few of my favorite drink and shake recipes that have helped my journey!

We are definitely still learning how to balance our health, feed a family of six, and well... life. However, I'm really thankful for the positive changes that have helped my family's health this year and look forward to another great year!! I wonder what we'll learn about and change next year??

Disclaimer: This blog and information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any disease, illness or injury. This is my opinion and I'm sharing the recommendations that were made for MY family.