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Over the past year, the Lord has been growing, teaching, and challenging our family in so many ways! We are responding to the Lord's leading and are expanding our family through the adoption of a precious baby!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dinner in the Orient... our first Theme Dinner Night!

Themed dinners is going to be our new family tradition! I got the idea from some friends from college, the Tyner Family, who has really cute themed family dinners. We had our first themed dinner this weekend... "Dinner in the Orient." It all began the day before when I scored an awesome brand new Wok set (with chop sticks) at a yard sale. The boys, who have never tasted any ethnic food, begged me to make Chinese food!! The boys had a blast preparing for our meal and learning about the Chinese culture. We learned that the Chinese invented paper, looked at Chinese art, learned to count to 10 in Chinese, listened to Chinese traditional music, and learned about the history of fortune cookies (which actually originated in California:).
We also talked about how many people in the country of China do not know Jesus. Evan responded, "well that's the first place we're going to go when we missionaries". I love his heart to tell people about His Lord!

fighting ninjas!

We also learned about martial arts; the boys favorite character was a ninja!
Even though I explained ninjas are from Japan, their costumes for the evening reflect this favorite.

my little ninjas!
The Menu
Pork stir fry and white rice
Egg rolls with sweet and sour sauce
The stir fry turned our perfectly on my new Wok... even my hubby who doesn't like ethnic food really enjoyed the menu! Everyone had fun using chop sticks instead of utensils:)

 I learned how to make a ninja mask with a t-shirt via an on-line tutorial... not sure I did it correctly:) Josh came home from work and helped the boys look more like ninjas:)

Everyone had a blast at our first family themed dinner night! Look forward to another one soon!!


  1. Hi, Kelly. My name is Kelly too! I am a contributing author at Keeper of the Home ( as well as have my own site The Nourishing Home. I am writing a post for Keeper of the Home on fun dinner themes for families and have been searching for some cute family themed dinner ideas for this post. I'd love to link to your idea here and share a photo with link back to this post. Please advise if this is okay with you? Thank you! Blessings in Christ, Kelly

  2. That would be wonderful! Thanks for including me in your post!